National Self-Government

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Civil Movement

We would like to inform you upon starting a civil movement in Georgia with completely new capacity, goals and mission, which, to the best of our belief, will be transformed into a political association - a party - in the coming months.

  Logically, you will have questions what is the news in the contents of our movement, what different goals and objectives we have, why they will be interesting, attractive and "closer" to every citizen of Georgia.

  To begin the dialogue, we are ready to ask and answer some of these and other questions that are of interest to you. The proposed Q&A format, we are convinced, will generate many other new questions, interest and, we hope, support, as the core goal of our project is to unite the Georgian society, the Georgian nation, in order to serve for and defend our nation's national interests everywhere and always.

  With the view to advocating for the interests of the Georgian nation and every single citizen of Georgia, we have devoted tremendous efforts to create, bring to your judgment and propose into the civil and political life of our country the civil movement, and after reaching the relevant threshold of the civil movement, Political Association of Citizens "National Self-Governance (Voters Union) in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia.

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 On behalf of the Civil Movement

  National Self-Governance (Voters Union)

  Giorgi Mchedlishvili

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