National Self-Government

( Voters’ Union )


  1. The goal - peace and freedom.
  2. Public Governance (National Self-Governance) – “The way to peace and freedom”.
  3. To unite the nation and promote solidarity for the purpose of forming public governance and democratic society.
  4. National self-governance - permanent participation of voters in resolving important issues to the nation, so that people, by the majority and with appropriate mechanisms, can decide independently who, when and what shall do to develop the country and to pursue national interests.
  5. Based on a personal rating point, each member of the society shall be given the opportunity to be nominated or nominate candidates for the internal party elections in order to take part in reviewing and addressing the issues important to the country.
  6. Any member of the public, depending on the degree of confidence society instills in them, can become a political leader or an economic executive at some levels.
  7. A dynamic rating point determines the level and status of a Union’s member, as a political leader and an economic manager, and encourages him or her to constantly maintain and build support of the public towards the Union.
  8. The country shall be governed by those persons who the public puts the most confidence in.
  9. The nation selects the most trustworthy persons and transforms them into political leaders and economic executives at various levels, and constantly controls them.
  10. The mechanism of permanent control of the confidence in political leaders and economic managers shall be introduced and fixed into the nation's consciousness. A leader or economic manager who fails to meet people’s expectations shall be downgraded or removed.
  11. With the view to maintaining and increasing the rating points i.e. the public support, a member of the Union must strive to attract active and management-minded persons thereby bringing together members of the public to engage in political or economic activities.