National Self-Government

( Voters’ Union )


Main Goals and objectives of the Political Association of citizens

"National Self-Governance (Voters Union)"

                                                                         The Union’s program



 1. Strengthening the statehood of Georgia, ensuring its political, economic and energy independence, implementing a solid and secure development strategy;

2. Restoring the territorial integrity and ensuring its continuous protection in all circumstances;

3. Defining the national interests and priorities in all areas of public life and development of the country;

4. Formation and development of national self-government at all levels of the State’s governance – to ensure permanent involvement of voters in resolving issues of importance to the country, so that the nation, with the majority and by means of appropriate mechanisms, can decide who, when and what shall do to develop the country and pursue the national interests; consequently-

5. Implementation and improvement of the civil society;

6. Ensuring the compatibility and harmonization of human rights and freedoms with the historical, social-cultural, traditional, religious identity of the Georgian nation and their protection;

7. The Georgian Nation is a social, cultural, historical and political unity of people, which has changed and evolved in the course of the history and whose members are aware of their unity and common interests. Georgia is a multinational country. Our objective is to safeguard the interests of each ethnic group and address their life issues;

8. Accountable unification of the Georgian nation and ensuring solidarity in order to create a democratic society;

9. Consolidation of the efforts of persons and groups of persons, public and political organizations in Georgia and across the world who support and promote the Georgian statehood, culture, history, identity-defining traditions in pursuit and protection of Georgia's national interests;

10. Protection of the Georgian Language - the state language. To preserve the purity of the Georgian language and ensure its development;

11. Ensuring the development of every person based on high standard and quality of life;

12. Promoting demographic security;

13. Formation of the post-industrial society, establishing the knowledge-driven economy:

13.1. Making the most of the country's resources (human, natural, etc.) to maximize the economic potential and, as a result, to boost the country’s economy to enhance the quality of life and prosperity of the population;

13.2. Ensuring the competitiveness of goods and services manufactured in Georgia in domestic and international markets;

13.3. Development and promotion of the country's internal market;

13.4. Development and implementation of a plan for transforming the national currency - Georgian Lari - into a convertible currency;

13.5. Development and implementation of a long-term plan for achieving the positive balance of Georgia's foreign trade as one of the most important factors of macroeconomic parameters as well as for achieving national currency stability and convertibility;

13.6. Create and develop financial and economic instruments and institutions defining and regulating macroeconomic stability.

14. Introduction of reforms in all areas of the political, legal, economic, social and cultural life of the country in order to protect, implement and develop the national interests of the Georgian nation.