National Self-Government

( Voters’ Union )


Why National Self-Government?

                                                                     You live your whole life in fear and eventually, you are told:

                                                                                                It was not a wolf, but merely its shadow.


   I would like to address the Georgian nation:

   Are we looking for a third force?

   We, the people, voters of Georgia, are the third force we are looking for. We, the people, are the force, but we can become a power when we unite. Otherwise, separate and scattered voters will be always taken advantage of by different political forces for their own interests.

   Our, the voters’, power is in unity!

    Luckily, we, the sensible are the majority in the country, but we are being lazy!

    No need in taking any political sides. We will not play their game, nor will we act as "the table tennis ball" in their jointly staged performance.

   It is necessary to unite national spirit-driven voters and properly direct their activities to promote and protect the national interests of the Georgian nation.

  This is the path and plan I offer you!

  What is the difference between us and other newly-emerged or already existing political forces?

  1. The initiator of the party is not the party’s unconditional and permanent leader.


  1. This project is a way for the proper development of the country and a career path for every citizen of Georgia. It gives everyone a chance to become a political leader or economic leader of some level.


  1. Each stakeholder’s progress depends on their talents and the extent to which the community supports and recognizes them as leaders, which is then reflected in the rating point.


  1. The proposed system bans nepotism - recruitment and promotion of staff through favoritism.


  1. We, the voters, are in charge of selecting staff, controlling their activities, managing the country.


  1. We will build a responsible society and the state for the electorate.


  1. We have created a system and a set of regulations, according to which every citizen of Georgia will be essential and appreciated by political organizations, parties not only for Election Day but this relationship will be cherished constantly and on a daily basis.


  1. National Self-Government (Union of Voters) ensures constant participation of citizens, voters in the governance of the country.


  1. Under the new proposed system, the voters monitor and control activities of politicians and economic leaders, and provided that their actions, conduct or activities are deemed undue and in contrary to the national interests of the Georgian nation, supporters may withdraw their rating points at any time during the elections, which will result in the decrease in the rating of a particular leader and become a subject of discussion in society and the Union. Ultimately, a politician or an economic leader who betray the public trust will be downgraded or leave the political arena.


  1. We, the voters, elect political and economic leaders and constantly monitor their performance by their rating points.


  1. The rating reflects public confidence.

               The loss of the rating is the beginning of the end of one’s career.

                Once your rating score drops, you are held liable.

                The rating is the confidence of people translated into figures.

  1. We choose, elect, and control.

      We, the voters, appoint and remove from the office!

  1. We believe all decent people will support us.

               New professionals in politics!

               New professionals in the country’s management!

  In addition to the essence of the National Self-Government, we would like to inform you of the reasons, goals and mechanisms of the initiation of National Self-Government and completely new terms and conditions allowing the voters to recruit trustworthy and capable people, control their activities and respond to misconducts.

    The implementation of the National Self-Government through the unification of voters will enable us, the citizens of Georgia, voters, to govern our own country.

      Don't be afraid to have a say and hear your own steps!

      Our will, our choice is appropriated.

      We will fight for freedom!

      We will fight for the interests of the Georgian nation!

  Therefore, we get united to:

  1. Present new, voter-controlled politicians and talented, honest, country-loving, homeland-minded patriots and promote them to leadership and economic leadership positions at various levels.


  1. Grant each member of the public with the opportunity of career advancement in accordance with the degree of public confidence reflected in their rating.


  1. Introduce selectivity and democracy to the party first, and then to the government.
  2. Provide conditions so that Georgian mothers, grandmothers, young people do not have to flee the country for abroad in search of employment and career opportunities. To prevent the Georgian intellect, talent, workforce, and gene leakage from Georgia.


  1. All of Georgia's resources, including manpower and intellectual abilities, should be used for the national interest of the Georgian nation and for the revival of Georgia, which should start with the revival of the economy. The importance of the latter and the ways of its implementation will be discussed in the next letter.

We will win! 

God is with us!



                    Project author and

                             Initiative Group Leader